Oracle Database on ACFS: a perfect marriage?

Update: I will give this presentation at UKOUG Tech15, Wed 9 December at 14:30.

This presentation has had a very poor score in selections for conferences (no OOW, no DOAG) but people liked it very much at Paris Oracle Meetup.  The Database on ACFS is mainstream now, thanks to the new ODA releases. Having some knowledge about why and how you should run (not) Databases on ACFS is definitely worth a read.


Demo 1 recording

Demo 2 recording

Demo script (DB ACFS clone from Standby Database)


Comments are, as always, very appreciated 🙂


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Principal Product Manager at Oracle
Ludovico is a member of the Oracle Database High Availability (HA), Scalability & Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) Product Management team in Oracle. He focuses on Oracle Data Guard, Flashback technologies, and Cloud MAA.

9 thoughts on “Oracle Database on ACFS: a perfect marriage?

  1. Hi, is there any view that’s present to identify (by running a SQL) whether the data files are residing on ACFS or in normal file system?

  2. As per Oracle support,
    The main problem is datafiles can’t be stored on ACFS as single instance scenarios can’t mount ACFS automatically on GI startup.

    When I try to make data file location on ACFS, it gave error.
    It has allowed software home on ACFS. I was working single server with GI option a install on standalone server.

    • Hi Tram,
      you have to install GI for a Cluster, and then select the only node that you have (-> run the cluster on one node only).
      GI Installation for standalone servers is Oracle Restart and it doesn’t work for datafiles on ACFS, as you correctly say.


  3. Datafiles on ACFS does not support cluster in standalone server. Does it mean that it needs RAC license to utilize these features?

    • Hi Tram,
      I think you refer to slide 14? Datafiles on ACFS can be used on standalone servers, the only constraint is that you cannot install Oracle Restart but you need to do a full Grid Infrastructure installation, this is a requirement for ACFS mount points managed by the cluster and not by the mountd daemon. Do not confuse Grid Infrastructure with Real Application Clusters: if you do not install the RDBMS for RAC you do not have to license any additional option. Grid Infrastructure is fine for single instance databases and cold failover clusters that do not require the RAC option.
      I hope this clarifies your question!
      Best regards


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