Boost your Oracle RAC manageability with Policy-Managed Databases

The slides of my presentation about Policy-managed databases. I’ve used them to present at Collaborate14 (#C14LV).

The same abstract has been refused by OOW14 and UKOUG_TECH14 selection committees, so it’s time to publish them 🙂

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Oracle ACE Director and Principal Consultant at Trivadis
Ludovico is an Oracle ACE Director, frequent speaker and community contributor, working as Principal Consultant for Trivadis, the leading Oracle consulting firm in Switzerland and German-speaking Europe.

2 thoughts on “Boost your Oracle RAC manageability with Policy-Managed Databases

  1. Thanks for sharing – these are interesting slides! I’ve been hesitant to deploy policy-managed dbs into the wild so far, but I’m reading everything I can and I think it’s a great technology.

  2. Thank you Jeremy 🙂
    Indeed it’s a great technology, but you need to know its limits or you may encounter bad surprises.

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