Grid Infrastructure 18c: changes in -applyRU and -createGoldImage

Starting with release 12cR2, Grid Infrastructure binaries are no more shipped as an installer, but as a zip file that is uncompressed directly in the Oracle Home path.
This opened a few new possibilities including patching the software before the Grid Infrastructure configuration.
My former colleague Markus Flechtner wrote an excellent blog post about it, here:

Now, with 18c, there are a couple of things that changed comparing to Markus blog.

The -applyRU switch replaces the -applyPSU

While it is possible to apply several sub-patches of a PSU one by one:

it was possible to do all at once with:

Now the switch is called, for consistency with the patch naming, -applyRU.


Still there are no options to avoid the run of the Setup Wizard, but it is safe to ignore the error as the patch has been applied successfully.

The -createGoldImage does not work anymore if the Home is not attached

I have tried to create the golden image as per Markus post, but I get this error:

To workaround the issue, there are two ways:

  1. Create a zip file manually, as all the content needed to install the patched version is right there. No need to touch anything as the software is not configured yet.
  2. Configure the software with CRS_SWONLY before creating the gold image:




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8 thoughts on “Grid Infrastructure 18c: changes in -applyRU and -createGoldImage

  1. Thank you for the information, I’ve been also watching some of your FPP videos.
    I have a HAS (stand-alone HA) setup. We have several of these environments and we’re looking at using FPP to update them with the latest IAVA releases. However, we get MGTCA-1108, PRKH-1001 and PRKH-3013 errors when attempting to create the GMIR since we didn’t create them when we initially did the installs. Is FPP not compatible with HAS? I know you can use a full grid setup to add a remote GIMR repository but can I create a local GMIR for the FPP on a HAS setup?

  2. Thank you.
    This is old, but can you actually use these gold GI images on a server that already has GI of the same major version installed and configured (i.e. RU patching) ?
    If so, how? when launched (at least in the GUI mode and with Oracle’s 19.13 patched GIRU image) puts the user at a dead-end spin: neither can one install and configure a new cluster because it detects already configured GI, nor can one upgrade the cluster because it detects configured GI running the same major version (why does it care?), the only option is then to install software only (but then what?)

    So, while being able to create gold images (or even use Oracle’s) is great, if one can’t actually use them for ongoing software currency maintenance, like seemingly implied here:
    then they have very limited use (i.e. major version upgrade or brand new intallation)?

    • Sorry for the late reply, Kirill. Once you have Software Only image installed, you can do out-of-place patching, either with FPP in local-mode (starting with 18c), or with the -switchGridHome switch starting with 19c.

  3. .. I noticed that If you has ran a dry run previously the home gets attached so the error message [INS-32715] The source home is not registered in the central inventory , isn’t pop up. Regards, Viviane Gama

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