MySQL 5.1 GA by December 6th!

Ohhh, I can confirm this man is Giuseppe Maxia! and we can trust him if he say that MySQL 5.1 will be GA by December 6th!

More than one year in release candidate, I think it is enough!

Happy partitioning, happy a lot of things!!

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Oracle ACE Director and Principal Consultant at Trivadis
Ludovico is an Oracle ACE Director, frequent speaker and community contributor, working as Principal Consultant for Trivadis, the leading Oracle consulting firm in Switzerland and German-speaking Europe.

1 thought on “MySQL 5.1 GA by December 6th!

  1. Ok, ok, MySQL 5.1.30 GA has been available a few days ago. Maybe the MySQL 5.1 ENTERPRISE will be available by December 6th…

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