Using a different OCP certification path

OCP_Cert_Flow_1I’ve decided to write about how I’ve got my OCP 11g certification. Why? It’s not always clear that the step order indicated by the official Oracle Certification pages is not mandatory, and that it can be changed to better fit your needs.


What the Certification pages states

According to the page, you should go through the steps in the following order:

  • Pass the exams 1Z0-051 and 1Z0-052 to get the OCA
  • Complete an approved course
  • Pass the 1Z0-053 exam
  • Complete the course submission form
  • Get the OCP certification


What you can do

OCP_Cert_Flow_2Actually, you can go through the steps in any order, and get your result when all the required steps have been completed

My goal was to achieve the OCP certification first and then get the OCE Performance and Tuning. Since I was longtime and largely prepared for the OCP, I’ve decided to change my path as follows:

  • Pass the exams 1Z0-051 and 1Z0-052 to get the OCA
  • Pass the exams 1Z0-053
  • Get the training on Perf&Tuning (Training On Demand also works, and the course counts toward the OCP since it is included in the list of courses available for the OCM).
  • Concurrently, I’ve submitted by form for the OCP and passed the exam 1Z0-054 for the OCE, achieving 2 certifications in few days.

By doing it this way, I’ve been able to get the Perf&Tuning exam just after the specific training.

For any question, just contact the Oracle University, they will clarify any doubt about the possible paths.

Note: the P&T training I’ve taken is no more valid for the OCM path since I’ve already submitted it for the OCP. If you plan to do the same you’ll need TWO additional trainings in order to get the OCM.

Hope it helps



MySQL 5.6 Certification exams? Not yet (1+1=3)

(cc) Vincenzo Visciano

(cc) Vincenzo Visciano

I’ve taken my MySQL 5.0 OCP certification in 2010. A little late because this certification has been around for longtime, but surprisingly, it’s still the only version for MySQL OCP certification.

The 5.0 branch started in 2003 and it went GA in 2005:

“MySQL 5.0.0, a new version of the popular Open Source/Free SoftwareDatabase Management System, has been released.”

Michael Widenius, December 24 2003


“It is my pleasure to announce the production release of MySQL 5.0, which is hereby GA (Generally Available).”

Kaj Arnö, October 24th 2005

If we make a comparison, it’s like if the certification release for Oracle was the 10gR1.

Yesterday I’ve received an email from Oracle University claiming new courses on MySQL 5.6 to add certifications to the resume:

“The MySQL for Database Administrators course is for DBAs and other database professionals who want to install and configure MySQL Server, set up replication and security, perform database backups and performance tuning, and protect MySQL databases. This course has been updated to cover commercial features of MySQL as well as enhanced replication capabilities in MySQL 5.6.”

Oracle University, May 20th 2013


I’ve started thinking that a new certification path on 5.6 was available, but on the Oracle site I see that the certification is always the same. They have just added a sentence in the preparation notes:

“This exam has been validated through MySQL 5.5. The recommended course is based on MySQL 5.6. Candidates wishing to use this course to prepare may wish to consult product documentation to ensure they understand the differences between MySQL 5.5 and MySQL 5.6”

I hope we’ll see something new soon!