Tips: Bash Prompt and Oracle

I disagree with default bash prompt. Do you? It’s quote common to work with long paths:

and, when working on multi-database environments I need to check my environment:

I currently use this prompt, instead:

What is ohvers?? I defined this function to get the version of oracle from my ORACLE_HOME variable:


  • I have a blank line that separate my prompt from previous output
  • I get the system clock (useful when saving my konsole history. Did I say konsole?)
  • I can see my Oracle Environment before launching dangerous commands
  • I have an empty line to start my endless commands
  • I have a lot of sharps “#” : they are fine against wrong copy&paste operations…


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Oracle ACE and Senior Consultant at Trivadis SA
After being DBA Team Leader in Italy for a while, Ludovico works as Senior Database Specialist on the full Oracle stack (Clusterware, RAC, ASM), MySQL (Replication, DRBD, Galera), SQLServer and PostgreSQL.

One thought on “Tips: Bash Prompt and Oracle

  1. A better version of sed regexp that should work for pre10g-style Oracle Homes:

    sed -n ‘s/.*\/\([[:digit:].]\+\)\/*.*/\1/p’

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