A great talk

John Allspaw and Paul Hammond (Flickr) talk about Dev and Ops Cooperation at Flickr (very good).

Have a look at Kitchen Soap blog.

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2 thoughts on “A great talk

  1. The scenarios depicted by two guys is so true everywhere. I found out over time and exposure in a number of work place, it’s the quality of the people that counts. Where they graduate probably matters most and a better measurement of work quality and you can always count on Berkeley, Stanford and other Ivies for reliability. They’re already been “selected” by the school and met many aptitude criteria. I’m always hesitant on educational institute from Indian and Russia.

    Strangely the two guys from Flicker who preached on teamwork do not seem to be anyway comfortable with one another. Just watch the body language between the two, in particular at the opening when the guy on the right swung a very aggressive gesture to the left and how the guy on the left (british) ducked away. lol

  2. Lol!! Anyway here (in Italy) it’s hard to find cooperation between devs and ops. I really wish to try work experiences like that. It’s interesting to know how flickr scale out (I saw this in other slides) and how flickr employees work. The idea to collect all deploy messages and service outages on an internal IRC channel is amazing and the massive metric collection too (I’m just trying to do something similar with Zenoss).

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